The Coachella Valley and Palo Verde Valley’s are endowed with rich natural resources – clean air, dramatic scenic vistas, unlimited sunlight, consistent winds, and geothermal energy. As a region the local governments have a visionary plan to preserve habitat and open space. California is leading the way on air quality and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Today, it is important for local governments to take leadership roles and commit to a regional effort to ensure that we maintain our air quality, encourage sustainable use of resources, and preserve our environment for future generations. To support this effort all local governments are collaborating to promote energy efficiency and clean alternative energy.

Together, our elected officials can make positive changes and ensure healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities now and for generations to come.

The Southern California Desert has an unprecedented awareness and support for climate-friendly policies. Many actions have already been taken, including energy efficiency programs, solar energy installations, fleet vehicle changes and mixed use projects, all of which will not only contribute to greenhouse gas reduction but will promote energy independence, improve air quality, and reduce congestion. Integrating greenhouse gas reduction with other sustainability initiatives will position the region as a center for renewable energy and green economic growth.