It goes without saying that your car is considered to be your valuable, your asset as well as the desires of many—after all, that’s one of the primary reasons as to why you purchase it in the first place. Thus, satisfying your need next to your desire to have a wonderful and eye-catching car is not a question. The real question is how to keep it safe? How to secure it that it will just be alright even if you’re not around?

Now, here are the methods—the unusual way you could apply to get rid of thieves and to secure your favorite car out of their sight and skills:

1. Double check it

First thing’s first. If you already lock your car upon hopping out, then check it again. Nothing is safer than to do a double check. In newer models of cars, you can hear the central locks activating sounding a heavy click or chunk. So, make sure you hear this kind of sound before leaving, making sure it’s locked. There are visual indicators, too which you can take note in making sure it is now locked and safe to leave. On the other hand, if yours is a car that is powered by a keyless entry system, which locks and unlocks the car itself for you, then make sure to take one time to glance back behind the window to see and check the internal locking system.

2. Park in a safe area

Of course, this one should come next. It is only understandable that your car will be at higher risk when you place it within an area which has a higher crime rate. Make sure that the place is well lighted, and there’s a neighbor watch. Be cautious about this one.

3. Use security add-ons

Make use of security equipment you can use on your car to heighten the security. You may make use of an alarm or immobilizer or steering wheel locks which will hold them in place, or if you’re capable enough, you could install a tracking device so that you can locate it and the police in case it will be stolen.

4. Put up a sign

Just like how you put up signs in your home to keep away burglars, you can as well put up an alarm sticker or a “protected by brinks” post in your car—either the back or the side but are noticeable enough to catch attention for lurking shadows around.

5. Recommended by experts

Lastly, nothing is wrong in keeping your ears open, and your attention focuses on someone who gives you advice how to handle your car well and how to secure your locks properly. You should get a car locksmith Singapore who is an expert in this field, then you can ask for their recommendation, and if you’re not the type to have one, then you can ask around until you can be referred to someone who is good. Just remember that a good locksmith knows a good lock when they saw one. And that’s how you’ll identify them as well.