The hardest part maybe when it comes to moving is packing. For so many reasons, there are a lot of mover show find it very stressful and exhausting to pack their things, yet some may find it fun and relax in some ways. So for you to make packing as a fun way of starting a new life with a new place, here are some great tips that will give you ideas to make packing as easy as ABC from a moving company singapore.

The very first thing that you need to do is to gather all the packing supplies that you know you will need such as boxes in different sizes and shapes so for you to have a container that would perfectly shape everything that you would need to pack. The following will help you have a checklist of the supplies.

Stickers for labels
Bubble Wraps
A pair of sharp scissors
News print papers
Packaging Tape (make sure it’s heavy duty)
Wrapping sheets

The next thing that is very important for you to do is to have your moving file for records such as the contact of your movers or the moving truck driver. Schedule of reservation, payment records, cash for the tips, and contact number of the care taker or owner of the place to move in. Keep this in your bag for you to be ready for the day to move.

Prepare an individual suitcase or luggage for every member of the family weeks before if possible. This will give all of you a very comfortable first day of moving for you will have them prepared with their toiletries, clothes and other stuff that they need without the need of repacking the entire stuff you have packed.

Now, you must create a spacious place for you to pack each and everything carefully and surely without damaging a thing. Example, you must pack every family member’s clothes in each box designated and label it. Next, proceed to like everything glass, or fragile and never forget to have it labeled with a fragile sign. Then you may now proceed with all the shoes but make sure that you protect the shoes by inserting a crumpled paper for you never to damage the shape and have them packed individually with blank newsprints or plastic wraps.

One of the most effective ways is for you to pack the largest first down to the smallest item that you will find and that will give you a better view if you have left something small and important. Last but is the most crucial thing for you to do is to clean the entire house before moving and there you will realize that you have so many things dropped or hidden in all corners of the house making you perfectly ready to move. Have everything carried with care. Now, moving is as easy as you think it is, right?